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We need strong leadership

Published on: March 17, 2015

Every nation in the world must always have its face turned toward the future. Every leader must strive to provide a better future for the citizens of the country. But every nation must also learn from the past, its history, and who knows better than the Jewish people how important is its history and the lessons learned from it?

The State of Israel today – Israel 2015 – is a prosperous and successful nation whose wonderful citizens are proud of their connection to their country. In Israel 2015, the security of the state is placed in the hands of its magnificent young people, who serve with dedication and professionalism in the IDF.

Israel 2015 is filled with brilliant young people and adults, whose innovation and drive lead the way in high-tech, the sciences, education and medicine, and who help defend the country through creative solutions such as Iron Dome. Israel 2015 is home to millions of proud immigrants who by choice have decided to build their future here. But there are things that I miss from the Israel of old.

I grew up in the former Soviet Union, hearing the heroic tales from Israel of 1948, 1967, and 1973 – a strong Israel with a determined and bold leadership. Israel was respected in the world and feared by its enemies. If you attacked Israel, you would pay the price. Israel knew that if you sought peace, you first needed to prepare for war. So we made peace with Egypt, out of a position of power. I remember that feeling when I arrived in Israel – we are strong, and we know what we want. We have to return to that.

To stop Iran – we have to return to that. To defeat Hamas and Hezbollah – we have to return to that. The world needs to know that you do not take us on. That if someone attacks us, they get the death penalty. That terrorists will not be freed in a deal so that they can return to murder, but are destroyed. Everyone will know that Jews can never again be attacked because they are Jews.

We have to restore the deterrence and the ability to make decisions. In Israel too, it has to be clarified for those in need of clarification that this is the Jewish state. Israel is firstly the state of the Jewish people. It is not a state of all its citizens; it is a Jewish state in which all loyal citizens have rights. Those who are not loyal have no place here. No loyalty means no citizenship. For this purpose, we need a strong and responsible leadership that can make decisions without hesitation.

This is what the leadership of Yisrael Beytenu, with me at its head, has to offer. It touches on every aspect of life – security, economy, education and welfare. It all begins and ends with a leadership that knows what it needs to be, knows how to make decisions and knows to act. A strong leadership that does not hesitate in its choices and can defeat Hamas. A leadership that will always let the IDF win, let Israel win. Therefore anyone who wants to keep a Jewish and Zionist Israel, a strong Israel, should choose Yisrael Beytenu.

Because I have proved over the years that I know how to make decisions, and I am not afraid of tackling challenges. I have proved that I mean what I say. My word is my bond.

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