FAQs on Contributing to Politcal Parties in Israel

  •  Who may contribute to the party?

Every person who has the right to vote in Israeli elections may make a donation to the party.  One who is ineligible to vote, such as a minor or foreign national, may not contribute to the party.  Organizations and corporations (both Israeli and foreign) are likewise banned from donating.

  • How much may one donate?

By law, one may contribute a maximum of 2000 NIS in an election year and 1000 NIS in a year without an election. All donations must be deposited no later than three days after their receipt. Cash donations must be accompanied by a signed statement by the donor declaring that the donation was his/her own money and not given on someone else’s behalf.

  • May members of one family each contribute as individuals?

By law family members living together and sharing the same income may not collectively donate more than the maximum allowed to individuals.

  • Is money the only allowable form of donation?

 Goods and services are also considered donations and are valued at their market value.

  • Can donations be kept confidential?

No.  Every donation must have a receipt and donor information. A political party may not receive anonymous donations. The State Comptroller receives the list of donations and inspects each one to ensure its legality. In addtion, any donation valued at NIS 500 and more is published on the internet.

  •  Are there legal penalties for giving or receiving illegal contributions?

Yes. By law, a political party that fails to report all of its donations will lose a portion of its state funding.  In addition, it will be required to pay the Treasury a fine of twice the amount of the donation in question. The State Comptroller may at its discretion enact the above penalties. Those who knowingly make or accept an illegal donation on behalf of political faction or list of candidates may face time in prison. For more information, visit the State Comptroller website:


Donations meeting the above requirements may be sent by check to Yisrael Beytenu, 78 Yirmiyahu St., Jerusalem 94467.

For further information contact the Yisrael Beytenu offices on  02-5012999.

List of donations in 2010


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