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Sofa Landver is Israel’s Minister of Immigrant Absorption, and has served since 2009. She became the first person in history to serve two consecutive terms as Minister of Immigrant Absorption, demonstrating her commitment to Aliyah and integration.

Sofa Landver became a Member of the 15th Knesset as a member of the Labor Party, serving on many Knesset Committees, among them: Immigration and Absorption, Labor and Welfare, Finance, Education and Culture, Constitution, Law and Justice, Internal Affairs and Environment, the Advancement of the Status of Women. She also served as Chairperson of the Israel-Kazachstan Parliamentary Friendship League and the Committee for Public Petitions.

Sofa Landver served as Deputy Minister of Transportation from March 2001 until October 2002.

She has served her community and country in many capacities: Chairperson, National Association of Russian Immigrants; Former Member, Ashdod City Council; Director, Ashdod Development Company; Member, Board of Trustees of the Jewish Agency

Minister Landver was born in Leningrad in 1949 and immigrated to Israel in 1979. She has an MA degree in speech therapy.

Immigration and Absorption Ministry headed by Minister Sofa Landver:

  • 30,000 Israelis returned to live in Israel since the launch of a camapaign in 2010 to encourage and assist their return.  See here for more details.
  • 4000 public housing apartments for new immigrants to be built – 2000 in the coming two years and 1000 in each of the following years.
  • Increasing the monthly rental assistance from 650 NIS to 1250 NIS
  • Financial  aid to new immigrant students- 6594 immigrants received a scholarship and other assistance
  • Established a program for youth-at-risk in 50 local authorities throughout the country
  • Launched a program for new immigrants to tour heritage sites throughout Israel



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Achievements of the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption under Minister Sofa Landver in the 2013 Budget: The Student Authority will continue to work, housing eligibility will be extended by five years. After long discussions with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of …

Minister Landver in the JPost: Aliya – the revolution has just begun

The following op-ed by Minister of Immigrant Absorption Sofa Landver appeared in the Jerusalem Post: Former foreign minister Abba Eban once said: “Zionism is nothing more – but also nothing less – than the Jewish People’s sense of origin and …


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