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MK Orly Levy Abekasis is particularly dedicated to child welfare and helping those suffering from abuse.  She has advanced much legislation in those areas.

After a successful television career, MK Levy-Abekasis joined Yisrael Beytenu in 2008.  Her father, David Levy, a former Minister of Foreign Affairs, is her political role model and inspiration.

Born in November 1973, Orly Levy-Abekasis is married with three children.

MK Levy-Abekasis served as Deputy Speaker of the Knesset during the 18th Knesset and is currently the Chairperson of the Knesset Committee on the Rights of Children.  She serves on the following Knesset Committees and Lobbies:


  •  Chair, Committee on the Rights of the Child
  • Member, Labor, Welfare and Health Committee
  • Member, Committee for the Promotion of the Position of Women


  • Chair, Lobby for Children and Youth at Risk
  • Chair, Lobby for Public Housing
  • Member, Lobby for Direct Employment
  • Member, Lobby for The Social Worker
  • Member, Lobby for the IDF Disabled, Bereaved Families, Widows, and Orphans
  • Member, Lobby to Increase Tolerance Between the Religious and Secular
  • Member, Lobby for Strengthening the Periphery
  • Member, Lobby for Furthering Relations Between Israel and Europe
  • Member, Lobby for Single Parent Families in Israel

Laws passed by MK Levy-Abekasis

  • Extension of maternity leave for mothers of infants requiring hospitalization
  • Government to pay compensation to minor victims of a crime in cases where the convicted perpetrator has ceased or failed to pay
  • A ban on the publication of minors’ names in civil suits
  • Elimination of clause denying alimony payment to a parent who travels abroad
  • Requirement of medicine labels to specify the purpose of the medicine
  • A ban on the employment of convicted sex offenders in specified places

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Watch the Story of One of Israel’s Greatest Social Crusaders Orly Levy

MK Orly Levy, number two on the Yisrael Beytenu Knesset list is recognized as one the greatest and hardest working crusaders for the cause of social justice, the rights of women and children, that there is today. Even Labor’s Shelley …

Orly Levy Stresses Yisrael Beytenu’s Social Credentials

After being placed number two n the party list, MK Orly Levy-Abecassis stressed that Yissrael Beytenu is a party that deeply cares about social issues. “This is a statement that social issues will be at the fore,” MK Levy-Abecassis said. …

MK Orly Levy-Abecassis Raises Urgent Query to Justice Minister on Immunity of Judges

MK Orly Levy-Abecassis raised an urgent query to Justice Minister Yaakov Ne’eman on the immunity of judges before the law, following the Attorney General’s inaction in regards to allegations against a judge suspected of beating his children. “I want to ask whether the …

Securing the Rights of the Autistic Community

MK Orly Levy-Abekasis: “Suddenly at the age of 21, there is no day-center for your adult autistic child. Many parents have to give up work at this point in order to look after their child, who, although an adult, cannot look after him or herself. Even of more concern, is how adults with autism suffer without an appropriate framework, which means that they have no constructive way to spend their time or the professional guidance they need.”


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