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“We stand for Judaism without Abuse of Power”

Published on: January 15, 2013

Speaking in a radio interview, MK Liberman began by discussing the government’s budget, “We will not bow to pressure.  We chose to have elections in part because we wanted to make some urgent corrections to the budget.  We put these issues on the table as early as June-July.  We decided to call for elections and not to run an “election economy” and make loads of irresponsible concessions.

“When we speak of the economy, we should remember that it’s much more than simply the deficit.  There are other parameters such as employment and growth. The State of Israel is first place among developed countries in terms of growth, way ahead of the other OECD countries. Our employment numbers may well be the best of all Western countries. Yes, there is a problem with our deficit.  But we can definitely reduce it and the next government will have no choice but to reduce it.  That is why we decided to call for early elections instead of making irresponsible concessions. We need a responsible and experienced government.  I believe that the past four years speak for themselves in terms of the effectiveness and responsibility of this government.”

In response to Ehud Olmert’s latest remarks in the media, MK Liberman said that he wished to congratulate Olmert on his entry into the election campaign and added, “I think that this argument is completely unnecessary.  We can easily begin a count of how much money was wasted on the Second Lebanon War and how much was wasted on illusions such as Annapolis and the like.  These kinds of arguments and debates should be held by Knesset committees and relevant government ministries.  There is no place for arguing about money spent on submarines or Iran on the radio and other media outlets.”

Speaking about the Shas broadcast, MK Liberman said, “Yisrael Beytenu is not ‘Shinui.’  We are not a political party that stands against Judaism.  We stand for Judaism – just without the abuse of power.  The Shas broadcast is no less than an attempt to lie to the public. When Yisrael Beytenu prepared it bill on conversion, we sought and attained the signature of the Sefardic Chief Rabbi Amar. We drafted the legislation according to his specifications of what the halacha required. That Shas later on caved to pressure and renounced its initial support for our bill is their problem.  Even HaRav Ovadia Yosef gave his blessing to our conversion bill.”

In the afternoon, MK Liberman visited Me’arat HaMachpelah, the Cave of the Patriarchs, in Hebron.  There, he reminiscence about a similar visit he made prior to the 1996 elections, “In 1996, I was the director of the Likud election campaign.  Bibi and I watched the exit polls on television and heard that Peres had won.  I told Bibi that I didn’t think that that could be accurate and that all day I had been receiving reports from the field indicating that we were on track for victory.  We began to drive to election headquarters to thank our supporters and acknowledge defeat, when I felt the need to visit Me’arat HaMachpelah.  It must have been two or three am.  A small group of us went without any security.  Just as we approached, we received word that the race was neck and neck.  When we finished our prayers and stood on the stairs just outside the tomb, we received word that Bibi had won.  This same urge has returned to me during this election campaign.  I felt that I must visit Me’arat HaMachpela.

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