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Landau: Let’s have More Electric Cars on our Roads

Published on: November 27, 2012

Yesterday, Minister of Energy and Water, Uzi Landau, Minister drove himself in an electric car to Eilat’s  energy conference, “Eilat-Ayalot.” On the way to Eilat,  Landau inaugurated the first public charging point for electric vehicles in Israel, located in Mitzpe Ramon.

At last year’s Eilat-Ayalot conference, Minister Landau promised that this year he would arrive by electric car.  “Commitments must be fulfilled,” said the minister as he sat behind the wheel of a Better Place electric car.

Speaking at the inauguration, Minister Landau said, “We’ll make sure that the market for electric cars is open to everyone.  It will be competitive and put the consumer-centered. We want to see Israel filled with electric vehicles from any company that can provide a safe and high quality product at a competitive price.”

The minister further said during the unveiling ceremony in Mitzpe Ramon, “Whoever refuels at  a gas station today should be aware that 20% -30% of what he or she pays for the gas goes to terrorist financing.  The less money we spend on gas, the less money there’ll be for  rockets.”

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