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Successful Campaign Encouraging Returning Israelis

Published on: November 11, 2012

The campaign, begun in 2010, offers a benefits, incentives and support to returning to Israelis.

Since the campaign began, approximately 30,000 Israelis have returned to live in Israel – the vast majority of which came from the United States, Canada, Great Britain and France. 1,100 of these returnees enlisted in the IDF.  The 14,600 returnees between the ages of 21 and 65 have contributed over 1.5 billion NIS to Israel’s GNP.

 Many of the returnees work in academia and research: 4,837 academics, among whom there are 2,720 technical professionals (engineers, computer programmers, etc.) and 681 executives.

There are returnee Israelis from exotic places such as Congo, Nepal, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Singapore and many others.

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption set up a website where prospective returnee Israelis could learn about the benefits and support and register with the Ministry to begin the process.

Since the beginning of the campaign, over 500,000 people have visited the website.

Fifteen “Israel Houses” have been set up abroad so that prospective returnee Israelis have a place where they can get the information they need and the answers to their questions in person.

Israel’s stable economy during the period of the campaign has certainly played a significant role in its success.

Prime Minister Netanyahu praised Minister Landver: “We have seen much success with the campaign to encourage Israelis living abroad to return to Israel.  This campaign met its target, with a relatively modest budget.  Every returnee resident represents a unique contribution to our country both economically and otherwise.  I congratulate Minister Landver and her ministry on excellent work and a successful campaign.

Minister Landver reviewed the details of the success of the campaign before the government and called for the campaign to continue.  “This program is a boon both for the government and the country as a whole.  These returnee citizens strengthen us in so many ways and make us a stronger, more cohesive country,” said Minister Landver.

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