No Citizenship without Allegiance

No other democratic country tolerates blatant manifestations of disloyalty among its citizens to the extent that Israel does – even as her sons and daughters fight for the security of all citizens of every ethnicity and community.  The inadequate and faltering response of the Israeli government to the radicalization of Israeli-Arabs eats away at the strength of our great country.  We need an immediate change of direction: full citizenship, including full rights and benefits, should be conditioned on a citizen’s allegiance to the country.

Hamas is explicit about its goals. Its charter clearly states that the movement’s ultimate goal is the total annihilation of Israel.  Its grounds for such murderous aspirations are racist – plain and simple:  They wish to kill Jews wherever they are.

At the same time that Israel contends with enemies from without, it faces the problem of some of its citizens identifying with and even abetting enemy organizations.  Of course we would never ask MKs Tibi and Zoabi, for example, to change their sentiments – that’s their personal business.  However, when such feelings turn into action that endangers Israel, the government must take an uncompromising stand.

The right to live in the State of Israel must be conditioned on allegiance to its laws and principles.  Such allegiance is not voluntary or the obligation of only some of the population – it is fundamental.  Allegiance is the first duty of every citizen and should determine the level of rights and benefits he or she receives.

Yisrael Beytenu has developed citizenship legislation that restores our national honor and invests practical significance to the word “allegiance.”  Our legislation seeks to link military or national service to the level of citizen benefits to which one is entitled.  The more you contribute the more you receive.

In this spirit, MK Moshe Matalon passed a law in thee previous Knesset to double the discharge grant for soldiers to 20,000 NIS.  MKs Rotem and Ilatov enacted a law legalizing the revocation of the citizenship of those convicted of terrorism or espionage.  MK Miller passed the ‘Nakba’ law, which revokes benefits and government funding to organizations that mark Israel’s Independence Day as a catastrophe. There are also many other bills incentivizing contribution and service to the State of Israel.


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