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“Israel is an Island of Democracy and Progress”

Published on: January 3, 2013

MK Alex Miller addressed an audience Beit Berl.  He said, “During the past four years, the government has changed its attitude significantly regarding education. Despite the failures of previous governments and the situation they bequeathed to us, the status of teachers and students has improved dramatically.”

MK Miller highlighted the successes of the last four years, “We made sure to change the economic policy and budgetary allocations.  Creating more jobs, improving the employment conditions of teachers and students and raising the bring quality of education have all led to  higher achievements of Israeli students in sciences.”

MK Miller concluded his remarks with: “Israel is an island of democracy and progress.  We do not have a magic wand to solve all of the issues we face.  But, we are definitely moving in the right direction and bringing about positive changes.”

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