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Lieberman at the Israel – Sderot Society Conference

Published on: December 19, 2012

 Chairman of the Yisrael Beytenu Party, Avigdor Liberman and Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch participated today at the Israel- Sderot Society Conference.  Many public figures from across the political spectrum were in attendance.

Liberman took the stage and was greeted warmly. The preceding speaker had been MK Zehava Galon. Liberman spoke about his visit to Tzefat the day before and mentioned the significant accomplishment of this government in establishing a medical school in that northern city. The medical school has been a tremendous boost to Tzafat.

Sderot has had many illegal migrants living within the city limits. However, the numbers have significantly dropped due to the government’s decision to build a fence along the border.  We are now down to about 30 infiltrators per month. Liberman also said that he expected this number to drop to zero in the near future.

Liberman addressed the issue of salaries and the position taken by some of the candidates in the upcoming elections. He said, “Of all the reality shows out there, I most enjoyed watching ‘Shelly’s Nonsense.’ Of course we all believe people should be earning more. We’ve all heard the comparrison between Israel and other OECD countries. But just bear in mind one statistic: security spending of OECD countries on average is 1.5% of their total budget. In Israel, it is 15%. The question isn’t who deserves a higher salary but where is the money going to come from? Should we eliminate the production of Iron Dome interceptors? “

Liberman further added, referring to the Labor Party, “So those people talk emotion and say that they’re going to raise taxes for the rich.  Refresh my memory, Shelly.  Did you not once announce proudly that you earned 54000 NIS monthly from Channel 2, while your producers earned 6000 NIS?  You didn’t seemed troubled by that disparity then? While we’re on the topic of integrity, why hasn’t Shelly Yechimovich come out against the number two on her list, chose to remain silent during investigations into his conduct.  Where was the outcry then?”

Liberman affirmed that the issue of equal sharing of the burden of service would remain a high priority in the next government. “We’re not going to give up until the law is passed. Who voted against our bill in this Knesset term? Shelly Yachimovich  and her party.”

Regarding affordable housing, Liberman said, “Everyone is entitled to housing but those who have served in the army, do reserve duty and pay taxes must receive priority.  What’s the solution to the housing crisis? Instead of young people running from contractor to contractor looking for the best deal, the government should commission a large number of apartments from contractors and then sell them to the public.”

Liberman said the government’s achievements in education and international tests were a source of pride. He added that the Ministry of Tourism in the hands of the Minister Misezhnikov brought a record number of tourists to Israel.  The cancellation of  visas from Ukraine and Russia made coming to Israel easier.  Liberman also noted other important laws passed by Yisrael Beytenu members in the current Knesset term: the doubling of soldier’s release grant, the cancellation of TV fees for pensioners and lone soldiers and more.

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