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Landau’s Letter to Ron Nachman

Published on: January 21, 2013

8th Elul 5772

26 August 2012

To my dear friend Ron Nachman,

You are a lover of the Land of Israel, a founder of the city of Ariel.  Like me, you were not born in the Founders’ Generation.  But you were not discouraged. Nevertheless, you succeeded to be counted among the Founders.  You too built a city with your own hands.  You gave up the comforts of Nes Tziona in order to build the Settlements.  You are among the chosen few who can claim that they changed the face of the country, that they influenced the establishment of its borders – not only through words but through deeds.

You could have chosen to move on from your role as mayor and perhaps become a Member of Knesset.  You chose the path of action.  Your role as mayor of Ariel was about building and developing the land.  This was your life-project and the way you served your country.

However, all this is well known.  What is less well-known is your role as head of the Advisory Council for the Search for Gas Deposits.   You have worked tirelessly to advance Israel’s energy market.

You have been an exceptional partner for me.  You fully understood the complexities of the energy market and the challenges we face.  Even when you became ill once again, you refused to leave a job unfinished.  You carried on with your work and held meetings from your sickbed.   You always had Israel’s best interests in mind.

I wish that we all continue to benefit from your labors for many years  to come.

In friendship,

Uzi Landau

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