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Landau Welcomes Int’l Corporations in Israeli Gas Market

Published on: December 3, 2012

Following the announcement by the “Delek” and “Avner” companies at the Stock Exchange this morning about the Woodside Corporation’s proposal to acquire a 30% share in the “Livyatan” gas desposit, Minister of Energy and Water, Dr. Uzi Landau said, “I welcome the entry of a corporation international standing, which has a proven track record.  I expect that the company will increase its involvement in the oil and gas industry in Israel. We intend to continue to encourage the entry of international corporations in Israel’s gas market.”

During the Minister’s visit to Australia in August 2011, the he met with the heads of “Woodside” and thought that there was great potential in having it enter into partnership with Israeli gas companies. Landau invited the heads of the company to visit the Israe in order to move forward with the plans to work together.

Landau added, “We intend to continue to encourage the entry of international conglomerates into Israel’s gas market in order to maximize its potential. This is right way forward toward the very reachable goal of production and use of Israeli electricity – thus providing energy security and lower energy bills for Israel’s citizens.”

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