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Landau: Israel is Moving Toward Energy Independence

Published on: January 27, 2013

Water and Energy Minister Uzi Landau met with the president and vice president of the Axelright company, which supplies the regasification ship hired by the Israel Electric Company.

In response to the cessation of Egypt’s sale of natural gas to Israel, Minister Landau’s office began to investigate the possibility of importing liquid gas.  Setting up a marine connection-point (buoy) to which a regasification ship would link up would allow Israel to receive liquid gas efficiently until the Tamar Gas Deposit is ready for use. Once Israel begins pumping gas from Tamar (in the course of 2013), the buoy will serve as a storage point for natural gas.

The ship, anchored about ten kilometers from the Hadera coast, was connected last week to the marine buoy and as of Saturday night, natural gas began flowing from the LNG (liquid natural gas) ship through an underwater pipeline directly to the  power stations throughout the country.

Minister Landau said, “We have successfully completed a process of identifying a problem, finding a solution, making decisions and success implementation.  We are very happy that the building of the buoy was fast.  Axelright’s professionalism contributed so much to the success of the project.   This project is an important stage in reaching complete energy independence for Israel.  We are considering increasing its level of operation with a view to increasing Israel’s energy security. “

Landau added, “We are also considering leasing another regasification ship  in order to meet Israel’s gas needs until Tamar is up and running.

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