Yisrael Beytenu’s Vision

The following is taken from Yisrael Beytenu’s official platform, written ahead of the 2009 elections.

Every political party must enunciate its world-view and goals as clearly as possible and expose them to public scrutiny. Below is Yisrael Betenu’s mission statement, a document which sets forth our vision and policies, free of catch-phrases or sloganeering.

The State of Israel faces many complex and difficult dilemmas, such as: choosing among being a Jewish State, a state for the Jewish people, or a state for all its citizens; choosing between a state with a cultural or a religious identity; between Orthodox Judaism or liberal denominations; between a free economy or a welfare state; and between an elitist, achievement oriented educational system or one that emphasizes integration – and this is only a partial list.

Our guiding star is the supreme value of the unity of the Jewish people and of Israeli society. It would be all too easy to adopt a platform of slogans and extremist views that draw attention; however we shun all paths leading to division and have little faith in “quick fix” solutions. We have labored long to find the right solutions, those that are realistic, balanced, and supportive of Jewish unity.

Today’s challenges demand strong leaders, and although there are many views on what makes a great leader, all can agree that the following four traits are essential:

1. Vision – the ability to articulate goals and strategies for their realization
2. Determination – the ability to motivate others through personal example
3. Integrity – leaders with a conscious, who act only in accordance with the public’s best interest.
4. Application Skills – the ability to implement the policies in such a manner as to impart to the public a sense of security
Vision is vital to successful leadership, especially in today’s times of confusion and turmoil. Although there are those who believe that a vision is nothing but a utopian and unreachable dream, it is the sine qua non of achievement. Indeed, it was Herzl who said that all of a person’s deeds began with a dream, the same Herzl whose dreams seemed like a fairy tale in the beginning. So too did the ideals behind the French Revolution and even of a united Europe seem the stuff of fantasies. It is only through having a vision and setting high goals can an intrepid leader guide the country toward a path of success and transform those very goals into a reality.

The ability to implement a vision through practical steps is just as imperative as the setting forth of the vision itself. A vision without a plan of implementation is of little use, and a practical plan devoid of a clear guiding vision is likewise impotent. Leaders must firmly believe in and remain loyal to their vision and be guided by it in all affairs. Behind all the toil any far-sighted vision demands, must stand the conviction that through uncompromising diligence, industry, integrity; through leadership that does what it says it will do, does not promise what it cannot deliver, is unafraid to say aloud what others only think to themselves can a true change come about – a change that provides strong security and a sense of security, together with social unification. Napoleon once said that an army of mice led by a lion could accomplish more than an army of lions led by a mouse. Leadership certainly has a decisive role in the fate of a nation, and all the more so in these critical times.


Yisrael Beytenu, All rights reserved