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Historic Moment: Naim Araidi, Israel’s Ambassador to Norway

Published on: August 14, 2012

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman and MK Hamad Amar visited the Druze village of Marar today in northern Israel and congratulated the incoming Israeli ambassador to Norway, Professor Naim Arayedi, the first member of the Druze community to be appointed to such a position.

In his address, Liberman praised the loyalty of the Druze community and their contribution to Israel’s security.  Liberman noted that Israel faced a diplomatic challenge in Scandinavian countries, particularly Norway, and that he had complete faith in Prof. Araidi’s abilities to make real change.

Prof. Araidi said: “The Druze community is a great community.  I have not seen another sector in the State of Israel, including some Jewish citizens of Israel, whose loyalty is so strong to the State of Israel.  I am fully aware of the hard work that awaits me and the great responsibility I have accepted in becoming Israel’s ambassador to Norway.  I know that I must and can change strongly held views there.”

Prof Araidi thanked FM Liberman and said, “Such a senior appointment is a first in Druze history and we shall not forget it.  I am also thankful to my dear friend MK Hamad Amar for his support in this process.”

Prof. Araidi is a poet and professor of Hebrew literature in Druze sector.  He has been a lecturer in Hebrew literature and education at Gordon College (College of Education) in Haifa. In addition, Prof. Araidi serves as director of the Children’s Literature Center of Arab Education in Haifa.  Prof. Araidi has served as professor of Hebrew literature at Bar Ilan University (Safed branch) and as a lecturer in Hebrew and comparative literature at Haifa University. Prof. Araidi is the founder and director of Nissan International Festival of Poets in Marar.  He is also the founding editor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ periodicals in Arabic.

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