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Foreign Minister Liberman: Abu Mazen’s Diplomatic Terror

Published on: August 23, 2012

Israel’s problem with the Palestinians is that we have not established a strategy and that is why we are not leading any course of action except merely responding. All we try and achieve with the Palestinians is to keep the quiet at all costs.

Ze’ev Jabotinsky once said that “silence is filth”, or in other words everything comes to an end and you can’t stretch out this imaginary quiet forever. Sooner rather than later this will backfire. That is why we can’t allow others, such as Jordanians and Palestinians, to carry out initiatives while Israel does nothing.

Between Abu Mazen and Khaled Mashaal there is a clear division of labor. Khaled Mashaal leads the armed terror and Abu Mazen the diplomatic terror. This is the division of labor and all of Abu Mazen’s initiatives in the international arena point to diplomatic terror: The Durban Conference, accusations that Israel is an “Apartheid” state, filing alleged war crimes charges at The Hague against the IDF, the creation of an investigative commission at the UN Human Rights Council, boycotts against Israel, Israeli academia and Israeli products, unilateralism at the United Nations and UNESCO and the charges against Israel of stealing natural resources from the Palestinians. All of these are examples of blatant diplomatic terror that is led by Abu Mazen himself.

Other examples of this, are calls for a square named after the “Engineer” Yehiya Ayyash and a street named after Dalal Mughrabi, both were vicious murderers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocent women, children and infants. In addition, Abu Mazen organized a homecoming celebration for the terrorists released in the Shalit deal, including those responsible for the murders in the Sbarro Restaurant and the Park Hotel in Netanya, who he called “freedom fighters” and gave them a financial reward of $5,000 and an apartment. These facts speak for themselves.

It should be further understood that Abu Mazen in unable to deliver the goods. He does not control Gaza, he continuously postpones the elections for the presidency, the parliament and municipal elections for years. There is also a clear understanding that in Judea and Samaria he also has no real control. He has no legitimacy, and even if we were to sign an agreement with Abu Mazen, it is clear that any Palestinian government that arises after him will claim that the agreement has no support and will not be recognized. They will then say: What he received, we received and now we will start again from scratch.

Therefore, Israel has an obligation to initiate and lead courses of actions, and not remain passive and only react to the initiatives of others.

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