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FM Liberman Calls on Herzog and Livni Not to Succumb to Arab Extremists

Published on: February 10, 2015

FM Liberman reacts to the Zionist Union’s decision to retract its decision to seek the revocation of Hanin Zoabi’s name from the Knesset candidates list because of her support for terrorist organizations and terror: “It is not enough to just call yourself the “Zionist Union”, true Zionists do not succumb to Arab threats. The surrender to threats from the Arab sector ensured that the “Zionist Union” backtracked on its support for the removal of radical Arab MK Hanin Zoabi from running in the upcoming elections. This is a continuation of the deteriorating and dangerous surrender where public bodies and institutions are surrendering to Arab terror.
Just as we should not accept a situation where the Israeli public can not freely buy a French magazine because there is a caricature of Mohammed, Herzog and Livni should not accept the surrender of their party to similar threats. Each one of these capitulations brings further capitulations and the subsequent erosion and endangerment of Israel as a Jewish State. I urge them to reconsider and stand behind their recent pronouncements that “Zoabi crossed all red lines of a patient democracy” and ensure that Zoabi can not run for the Knesset and that her true place is in Jenin.”

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