The Environment

The following is taken from Yisrael Beytenu’s official platform, written ahead of the 2009 elections.

Yisrael Beytenu will protect the right of every citizen to live in a healthy, flourishing, and clean environment.

We work to increase awareness and implement environmentally friendly policies.  Educating our children to cherish nature and protect it from pollution and destruction is crucial if we hope to see conservation and protection of the environment take its rightful place as a central factor in governmental decision-making.

We work to strengthen the powers of the Environmental Protection Agency and its budget.  We believe that there should be heavy punitive taxes for polluters, which would serve as an effective deterrent.

Our environmental protection and quality of life assurance act would relate to the following areas: preserving open space and land reserves; the vigorous promotion and development of mass transportation systems; the treatment of the water crisis in our region by building desalination plants and water purification systems ; coastal protection in Israel, including the Sea of Galilee, Dead Sea and the Mediterranean ; keeping beaches accessible to the public; combination treatment of solid waste and hazardous substances; increasing the recycling of garbage; and the restoration of streams and air quality, and preservation of historic buildings and archeological sites and Zionist heritage sites.

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