Citizenship and Equality


An important element of Israel’s security is the loyalty of its citizens.   We believe that anyone applying for Israeli citizenship should be obligated to declare loyalty to the state as a Jewish state, its symbols and sovereignty, and to the declaration of independence.  Moreover, every new citizen must accept  the obligation to serve the country in the IDF or national civilian service.  military service.   Only those who sign this declaration will be entitled to full citizen rights.  Those who refuse will be entitled to the full rights of a permanent resident without the right to vote or hold public office.

Veterans’ Benefits:

 A. Affirmative action in university admission and tuition relief

 B. Land allocations in areas of national priority

 C. Grants for settling in the Periphery

 Getting Tough on Sedition:

A. We will continue to suspend  state payments and benefits to current and former  elected officials, such as Azmi Bishara, who are suspected of a serious offense against state security.  Upon conviction, they will lose such benefits.

B. We will cancel the right to state benefits  of family members of those involved in terrorism against Israel and its citizens  (eg payment of “loss of income” to the family of a suicide bomber like Muhammad Hbeish).

 C. We will work for the banning of political parties or organizations whose words and / or actions constitute incitement against Israel as a Jewish and Zionist state and who undermine its existence.

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